Active and passive telemarketing – reach the mass of customers


What telemarketing is?

It belongs into the very direct forms of advertisement. It is efficient marketing tool which basic element is a telephone contact potential or stable client. We differ two different types of telemarketing: active and passive.

Active telemarketing simply means contacting costumers and new potential clients via telephone. The call operator addresses the costumers offering the goods and services. The second type is passive telemarketing, which is basically an answering the phones when costumers are interested in products and services so they contact the company’s call center.


How does telemarketing work?

Telemarketing as an add tool is based in few steps. Firstly it is an analyses and project development based on the needs of a client. The right choice of a target group that might be interested in some of the products or services is very important.

Secondly, the main telemarketing starts. The companies are offered to use services of a specialized call center when the bigger events are going to come. This service will insure the possibility of the better data usage and their further marketing activities. An authority obtains the economic returns of his whole campaign.


Advantages of telemarketing

Telemarketing is flexible type of add and it has an ability to change the aim of the campaign straight away and therefore avoid the obstacles. The costumer’s reaction is slightly recognizable in the very beginning so to change anything is always possible.

The better the results the simpler the changes and the form. Telemarketing is suitable and individual solution for any kind of company that would like to increase its amount of clients.


The use of telemarketing

Telemarketing can be used for various purposes. It is able to arrange a meeting with a client but it also may be only for a market research and its result is evaluation and accurate analyses of costumers and their needs. It is often used directly to sale products or services and it has perfect results just because of knowing the target group of costumers. Passive telemarketing ensures and satisfies the caller. Interested in using telemarketing? Do not hesitate and contact us.