SEM - linkbuilding

Building up the feedback links


What SEM is ?

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Is a marketing tool focusing on propagation and increasing the knowledge of the brand or subject on the internet. It deals with buying of text links in many variations.

SEM is a method of gaining new costumers through internet search engines. Among them belongs a guarantee that your web will appear on the first page in the search engine. SEM is one of the most effective and either most expensive way of an online add.


How does SEM work?

The main element of SEM is placing the link on the web that we promote on a very visible place in the search engine. The site should be viewed on the first page of the search engine when each visitor of the internet is using relevant phrases for our web. This increases the chance that the visitor will get straight away to your sites and buys the product you offer.


Advantages of SEM

The advantage of this SEM is mainly focusing on this method. Your site will appear only to those who look for products and services you offer. It is more likely to do the purchase when comparing to banners.

It is possible to combine both SEM and PPC methods. So you can keep your spending under the control. You can even come across the fact what are the keywords that bring your costumers back to your site so you can costumize your phrases. The amount of clients using SEM is then really high.