Direct marketing

Reach up to 5 million customers in the form of Direct email (direct marketing)


What direct marketing is?

Direct marketing is a kind of straight away marketing with advantage of direct addressing and targeting the costumer. The main aims of this marketing tool is to create the long term relationship with a potential costumer and get the very quick feedback from him.

The reaction may be based on buying the product or services, requesting more information or an interest in more products. The longer the relationship the tighter the branding.


How does Direct marketing work?

Direct marketing is a name for direct communication between the sponsor and the addressee. It sticks to direct addressing the client. There are various types of addressing the client such as direct mailing, active telemarketing and the whole scale of many others.

Direct marketing deals with one or even more medias. An important part of this marketing tool is working with database of potential clients its classification with the aim of make the offer that suits to the concrete addressed group. The seller/business man can then direct his products to specific costumers.


Types of direct marketing

There are many types of direct marketing. The first one is so called direct mailing based on mail services. But currently there is its more used transformation so called direct e-mailing which is obviously the cheaper option.

There is either telemarketing, teleshopping, catalogues, e-shopping, cell phone marketing non addressed delivery etc.

Direct marketing varies: a boot one which brings a new product to the market, then personalized which makes your offer more suitable for you and last but not least information one that informs new costumers about the news.


What are the advantages of direct marketing?

Direct marketing is favorable because it is low cost and direct targeting on the user. This tool brings you better planning, control and campaign run. It offers propagation I terms of saving your finances. With a focusing on costumer those vague masses become individuals with specific needs who have an interest in a product or service you offer.

Nowadays, you can use more than 3.000.000 emails in Czech Republic and more than 2.000.000 in Slovakia. If you are interested in direct marketing, do not hesitate and contact us. We will send you our pricelist based on a proposal including other countries we work in.