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What is the affiliate marketing, also known as affiliate program?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing program that works on the basis of coherence of retailer’s websites and services with websites that recommend products. So it is a form of an online advertising when merchants offer some financial reward for each new client to webmasters.

Affiliate marketing works through a network of affiliate partners ( who present advertisements of merchants on their websites. Each site visitor who presses to the banner, iframe or any other advertisement is lead to the site of the merchant or the company that is promoted by the publisher. If the visitor does a prefixed activity on its website a webmaster receives a financial reward from him.


Who can use the affiliate marketing?

All the companies, which want to increase their profit through an effective online advertising , which helps them bring new customers. It is considered as one of the most effective marketing tools nowadays.

Also webmasters, who promote the campaign on their website, can earn interesting financial income through these programs. Those webmasters usually become Affiliate partners, as well as owners of high traffic blogs or owners of large email databases. A profit of Affiliate publisher may vary depending on the traffic of his website. Those profits may range from a hundred of dollars up to ten thousand dollars. Higher earnings have partners, who run more high traffic websites and do the affiliate marketing as a full time job.

Each owner of the website or a webmaster can register on our site ( as an affiliate publisher. It is him who chooses a campaign or more, that will be promoted on his website, and this is how he maximizes an income from his website.


Advantages of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to promote your company for many reasons. Companies using our network are able to reach new customers through our publishers. They only pay for real customers, who purchased a service or product of yours through the affiliate network. Costs of the companies promoting their product through our network are spent effectively only for a lead, sale, click or another interaction.



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