About us

Who we are and what are we working on all days

Company introduction

The company Cresco Group s. r. o. was founded in spring 2011. Since then the company specializes on Lead Generation as well as extension of the affiliate marketing field. The Cresco Group team consists of IT and marketing professionals and enthusiasts, providing support to many clients and business partners in the market. Cresco Group is a stable, strong partner and is well known expert in field of Lead Generation throughout Czech and Slovak market. Since 2013 we have started an expansion to international markets. The company’s main estimated target until 2014 is to cover more than 42 countries all over the world.

Although the major activity of the Cresco Group is Lead Generation, we have been also dealing with other marketing fields. Just to mention we operate our very own network of affiliate partners (www.cgaffiliate.org). Cresco Group also focuses on PPC marketing, Direct marketing, performance marketing, Telemarketing and many other activities related to the area of marketing. We stick to internal quality standard within personal approach, fair and transparent action in the market by 3M: Maximum care, Maximum of satisfied customers, Maximum quality.

What stands behind the label, and what our plans consist of

What stands behind the label and what are our plans for the next period you can see in this infographics:

What we usually do - the main activities

The most of our internal time is about improvement and further development
in the areas of Lead Generation and Affiliate Marketing. We must
not forget about the proper planning of our internal
traffics and setting the correct promotional mix.

It is still not the end. We really do some other activities.

Yes, we do really have a very wide range of our activities :). Alongside our main area we also offer other associated services below. And it is still not everything yet what we can propose to you.